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Leading Edge annuncia un nuovo IPC Trainig Centre Europeo

Dal 1° gennaio, Leading Edge è un IPC Master Training Centre in grado di rilasciare tutte le Certificazioni IPC sia come specialisti (CIS) sia come formatori (CIT) grazie alla partnership con ART Advanced Rework Technology ...

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Entering a new marketplace can be a daunting experience, especially if that marketplace consists of a mix of cultures and languages. Without the help of someone who knows the territory it could be an expensive and unfruitful experience.

Leading Edge provides services to the EDA and electronic design industries to assist in putting innovative technological solutions into the hands of designers in Europe.

Since it's inception in 2005 Leading Edge has formed partnerships with a number of innovative technology partners and recently started a new IPC training center able to deliver all IPC certifications partnering with Advanced Rework Tehcnology, an UK training organization presenting training courses since 1988.
Covering a wide range of applications these partners provide leading edge solutions in each of their respective areas.


February 1st 2019

New IPC Training center in Italy

With a partnership between Advance Rework Technology and Leading Edge, starting January 2019 there is in Italy a new IPC Training Centre entitled to release all IPC Certifications. The new Traing Centre proposes certifications in Italian and English. For more information's please e-mail us: info@leading-edge.it.


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