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Leading Edge offers consultancy on a wide range of topics such as functional verification, signal integrity and design flow development
Advanced Testbench Development
Even though our courses are very comprehensive, creating your first testbench using advanced methodology can seem like a formidable undertaking.

To facilitate the adoption of methodologies such as UVM we offer a support service during the development of a testbench.

Our experts help you define and implement the structure of an advanced testbench, thus transferring to you the knowledge necessary to make the next developments independently
PCB Signal Integrity
Signal integrity practices focus on identifying and resolving issues in the PCB layout, so that an analog or digital signal does not suffer distortion during propagation and can be recovered as it travels through an interconnect.

For more than 10 years with Landing Edge we have been dealing with problems related to Signal and Power Integrity, collaborating with designers in creating devices that comply with product specifications.

We offer specific and modular coaching activities for Power Integrity analysis and Signal Integrity simulations