6012 Qualification & Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards

The IPC 6012 standard establishes and defines the Qualification and Performance requirements for the Fabrication of Rigid Printed Boards. The industry developed training programme incorporates content from both IPC 6012 and IPC-A-600 that gives companies and individuals all the tools they require to increase skills and performance.

The validity of this standard is recognized internationally

There are three levels of certification

CIS: Certified IPC Specialist

CSE: Certified Standard Expert

CIT: Certified IPC Trainer The certificate has a validity of 2 years

CIS 2.5 days (CIT: 3 days CSE: 3 days)
This training is a theoretical course that is suitable for any person who is responsible for Quality and reliability PCBs
Know what is a PCB, how to design and build it
  • Introduction
  • Session 1 – Scope and Applicable Documents
  • Session 2 – General and Material Requirements
  • Session 3 – Visual Requirements
  • Session 4 – Dimensional and Conductor Requirements
  • Session 5 – Structural Integrity Requirements
  • Session 6 – Solder Mask, Electrical and Cleanliness Requirements
  • Session 7 – Special Requirements
  • Session 8 – Quality Assurance Provisions
  • Session 9 – Optional – Space Addendum
Additional notes
At the end of the course is an exam consisting of multiple choice questions. To pass the exam, the candidate needs to get a score of at least 70% correct answers