CID (Certified Interconnect Designer Advanced)

CID+, Enhanced Certified Interconnect Designer programme is a valuable professional credential recognised throughout the electronics industry based on several critical IPC documents that link design principles to the end product use of the printed board assembly.

Although the CID designation is an import recognition for a designer, continuing education becomes necessary to maintain a designer’s effectiveness. This advanced programme covers several key goals beyond CID.

The CID+ programme is designed for those who design PCB as well as those who need knowledge of the IPC Design Standards. The CID+ programme builds on hands-on experience and requires an element of home study prior to the course. The certification deals in detail with some of the key topics already covered in the basic course and approaches the issues of signal integrity and electromagnetic compatibility.

CID+: 3 days
Electrical & mechanical engineers PCB fabrication engineers Assembly techs Manufacturing engineers & parts engineers
CID+ students must be currently CID certified
  • Design considerations
  • Materials
  • Printed Board Characteristics
  • Standards to meet Fabrication and Assembly
  • Electrical Parameters
  • Component Requirements
  • Documentation
At the end of each module there is a mini quiz and a discussion
Additional notes
At the end of the course there is an exam consisting of 120 multiple choice questions. To pass the exam, the candidate needs to get a score of at least 73% correct answers